Company History

LCI was founded by Chris Lundquist in 1989, providing consulting expertise to the financial industry. LCI was incorporated in 1999 and has now grown into a company that handles over 1.4 Billion accounts per year for the world’s leading lenders, servicers and debt buyers. The scope of the company has also expanded to include research and analytics, software and systems development, and data processing.

The firm provides over 20 years of information engineering expertise within the areas of consumer account analytics and credit behavior, bankruptcy, as well as credit and financial counseling. LCI has an in-depth knowledge of bankruptcy, credit, fraud, payment transaction data, data processing and reporting. Mr. Lundquist holds patents on several of the key technologies used in the bankruptcy management industry.

LCI has established many first-to-market advantages for its clients since it’s founding, including :


  • Bankruptcy Notification Services (1993)
  • Automated Proof of Claims Filing (1998)
  • EBN Data Management Services (2001)

Firsts and Only:

  • Chapter 13 Portfolio Valuation (2004)
  • Automated Transfer of Claim Filing (2008)
  • Automated Notice of Payment Change Filing (2009)
  • LCI ProScores - Chapter 13 Account Level Outcome Probability Scoring (2009)

As the exclusive supplier to Visa, LCI established industry standards

  • Manage the industries first Bankruptcy Notification Service for quality, timeliness, and completeness of data. Develop enhancements for the future direction of the program.
  • Manage the design, prototyping, development, and maintenance of the Visa Bankruptcy Bulletin Board System.
  • Designed and built financial analysis software for the Chip Off-line Pre-Authorization Card.
  • Publish the Annual Bankcard Bankruptcy Survey.
  • Published bimonthly Bankruptcy Highlights Newsletter.
  • Co-authored “The Impact of Credit Counseling on Subsequent Borrower Credit Usage and Payment Behavior”, Credit Research Center Monograph #36, 3/02

LCI is frequently quoted on radio and television as well as national publications such as the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, and USA Today. LCI data and analysis is the basis for the National Bankruptcy Research Center research papers.

LCI also contributes thought leadership presentations at industry conferences such as:

  • Federal Reserve Board
  • ASA Joint Statistical meeting
  • Visa Annual Bankruptcy Conference
  • National Foundation for Credit Counseling
  • Take Charge Institute

On August 31, 2017, Verisk Analytics acquired LCI, which will become part of the Argus business.