Company Overview

LCI's Bankruptcy Management Solutions automate expensive processes as they eliminate stay violation and portfolio valuation risk. In a world of burgeoning bankruptcies, LCI delivers the industry's finest bankruptcy data, bankruptcy process automation software, expert services and research to automate expensive processes in the bankruptcy lifecycle. Our decades of experience as the exclusive supplier to the world's largest and most innovative creditors ensure that LCI customers are first and best to invoke automation. LCI solutions enable our customers to execute the most efficient and productive bankruptcy management and portfolio valuation processes anywhere, servicing over 1.4 Billion accounts a year.

Creditors, Debt Servicers and Credit Services must identify, manage, sell or collect bankrupt debt. Many are either disturbed by the total cost of scaling and servicing their exploding portfolio of bankruptcies, or are distressed by their falling value. Our customers minimize compliance risks as well as personnel and servicing costs, while ensuring timely action and maximum recovery.

Expertise in the financial industry, specifically its focus on at-risk accounts, enables LCI to innovate, develop, and deliver solutions that provide superior information and improved profitability. Some of LCI's unique industry expertise includes:

  • Bankruptcy: In depth understanding of bankruptcy, the events that surround bankruptcy, and how they impact financial industry constituents
  • At-Risk Consumer Behavior: In depth understanding of the behavior of “at-risk” consumers
  • Financial Account Life Cycle: In depth understanding of the lifecycle of a financial account
  • Financial Counseling: In depth understanding of financial counseling and the credit counseling industry

LCI's high-tech approach, combining process engineering principles with management information systems, brings a sharp focus on quality control and process efficiency to the development of data processing systems. The unique characteristics of the LCI approach enable the company to build products for its clients that are more cost effective, efficient and provide higher returns than those that exist in the marketplace.

LCI is headquartered in Burlingame, California, about 20 miles south of San Francisco.

On August 31, 2017, Verisk Analytics acquired LCI, which will become part of the Argus business.