Case Management

Bankruptcy departments often underestimate the manual, error-prone and costly process of checking and tracking for bankruptcies on multiple court case and docket information systems (e.g., PACER.). Filing accurate and timely claims, keeping up with inconsistent court filing requirements, and the cost of post-petition charges or stay violations demands a scalable, automated solution for bankruptcy notification, electronic claims filing and case monitoring. LCI customers automate the research and process management of bankruptcy management, increasing the scalability of collections organizations.

LCI's Case Management solution starts with the industry's highest quality, most up-to-date, national bankruptcy database.

Through LCI's Bankruptcy Management Service (BMS), flexible, customizable technologies provide the most accurate and complete notification solution to increase process efficiencies, reduce exception processing, and lower operational cost. Legal exposure caused by inaccurate data or matching technologies is minimized.

LCI's Case Monitoring Service (CMS) provides a complementary solution to identify user-definable additional bankruptcy case events and automatically download associated documents, allowing Debt Buyers to quickly react when events necessitate further action.

Document filing through LCI's Electronic Filing Service (EFS), allows quick and cost-effective automated filing of documents, further decreasing operational cost.

Bankruptcy Case Management Services