Case Monitoring

Automated Case Monitoring alleviates the cost and time needed to manually check multiple court case and docket information (PACER) systems to verify if particular events have occurred in a case, allowing efficient monitoring of more cases more frequently without additional staff.

Using the industry's highest quality, most complete and up-to-date national bankruptcy database, LCI's Case Monitoring Service (CMS) provides clients with an automated solution to identify if specific events occur during a bankruptcy case's life cycle.

LCI's CMS provides a single unified interface, database and delivery system for tracking the dozens of PACER systems to allow clients to monitor thousands of cases electronically and automatically, saving hours of training and staff time. In addition, documents associated with the event can also be automatically downloaded from PACER and delivered to the client.

CMS is fully customizable, providing flexible monitoring and delivery parameters that can be tailored to each client's needs

  • which events to monitor
  • the frequency with which each case or event is monitored
  • which occurrences of the events are delivered (all occurrences of the event, earliest/latest occurrence of the event, etc.)
  • the level of detail returned