Electronic Filing

Filing claims is a personnel, time and capital intensive process for bankruptcy departments and operations management. The tremendous costs of not filing accurate and timely claims and documentation as well as the variety of filing requirements demands an intelligent, scalable, automated system for claims filing.

LCI's Electronic Filing Services (EFS) provides a single system and interface for Electronic Claims Filing. EFS can file various required documents and transactions with a court's Claims Management / Electronic Claims Filing (CM/ECF) systems, including Proof of Claims (as well as amendments and withdrawals), Transfers of Claims, and Notice of Payment Changes. EFS can accept data and back-up documentation through a web interface or via secure batch file transfers. For courts that do not accept electronic filings, EFS will generate printable versions of the B10 Form and related documentation for posted delivery.

EFS tracks activity relating to the filing of the proof of claim, including any information generated by the court system resulting from the filing. EFS provides a database for the activity and information, which the client can use for ongoing tracking purposes. Reports are generated to assist clients in the administration and management of the proof of claim process.

EFS includes the following functions:

  • Electronically files a new proof of claim and back-up documentation with e-aware courts and generates printed documentation for posted delivery.
  • Captures court receipts for Proof of Claims which are successfully filed electronically.
  • Allows amendments or withdrawals of previously filed Proofs of Claims.
  • Uploads a Proof of Claim and back-up documentation to EFS for future release.
  • Produces activity and summary reports for administration and tracking purposes.
  • Scalable design - Additional Proof of Claim filing engines can be added to the system to scale to the needs of clients.