Product Overview

LCI has over 20 years of experience in delivering a full range of bankruptcy management solutions. We currently serve over 700 million accounts across the financial industry.

Maximized recoveries and reduced operational costs result from the most accurate and complete account identification capabilities available in the industry. At the heart of LCI's Bankruptcy Solutions is the industry's highest quality, largest, national bankruptcy database. This database contains over 24 million consumer, commercial, and small business filings and includes the following advantages:

  • Completeness – National coverage of all U.S. Bankruptcy Courts, including Puerto Rico, Guam and the Virgin Islands and all bankruptcy lifecycle events.
  • Timeliness - Data collected and updated on a daily basis, providing the most current information available in the industry.
  • Quality – All data validated and standardized for the highest possible accuracy, including all:
    • Debtor Social Security Numbers verified through multiple data sources.
    • Addresses are cleansed to meet Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) standards
    • Names and businesses cleansed, including all associated nicknames, AKAs, DBA, etc.

This technological advantage is the basis for LCI's market leading products and services.

Bankruptcy Case Management Services

  • Notification & Scrub Services
  • Electronic Court Document Filing Services
  • Case Monitoring

Portfolio Management Services

  • Chapter 13 Portfolio Valuation
  • Chapter 7 Asset Identification
  • Unfiled Claim Identification
  • Bankruptcy Payment Tracking

Research and Analytics

  • Bankruptcy Industry
  • Credit and Financial Counseling

Expert Services

  • Strategy
  • Management and Optimization