Bankruptcy Management Service

Processing and tracking bankruptcy cases is a complicated and painstaking process for bankruptcy departments and operations. LCI's Bankruptcy Management Service (BMS) addresses the trepidation of bankruptcy departments over post-petition charges or violations of automatic stay due to inaccurate case data and missed notifications. Likewise, BMS addresses operational concern over the cost and complexity of handling the volume of paper in receipt of bankruptcy notices and the exception handling in electronic bankruptcy processing.

LCI's Bankruptcy Management Service provides automatic electronic delivery of bankruptcy notifications, updates, and events. BMS merges data from multiple sources not necessarily available from Electronic Bankruptcy Noticing (EBN) alone, resulting in a more complete solution that significantly improves the efficiency and effectiveness of bankruptcy departments.

The advanced record handling and superior processing accuracy of BMS improves case handling efficiency and cost reductions. In addition, BMS:

  • Utilizes multiple sources of notification data to present a single electronic feed
  • Eliminates paper notification from courts and the resultant costs of reentering the data
  • Supplies customizable reporting, record layouts, and file delivery
  • Provides complete portfolio coverage
  • Offers secure delivery options for improved client automation.