Portfolio Management

LCI's Portfolio Valuation Service is a revolutionary informatics capability which can be utilized individually or collectively to accurately assess the value and expected return of a portfolio of bankrupt accounts.

Credit grantors, portfolio holders, debt and bankruptcy buyers who are unable to consistently value prospective portfolios benefit from LCI's rich history of collecting and analyzing bankruptcy data. LCI customers gain competitive advantage and increase earnings by optimizing bankruptcy management, tracking portfolio risk, and making timely evaluation of filings.

Recoveries are maximized through LCI's Portfolio Valuation Service (PVS) using proprietary models developed to evaluate the expected return on a bankruptcy filing. PVS provides in-depth analysis of account and portfolio value and payment monitoring of chapter 13 disbursements. PVS utilizes data from LCI's Bankruptcy Management Service and the National Data Center to produce the following reports:


ProScores enables clients to more accurately predict the recovery rate of a portfolio at time of filing by indicating which accounts are:

  • more likely to result in higher and lower Chapter 13 plan recovery rates
  • more likely to dismiss, convert, or re-file (should a case dismiss)

The scores enable portfolio managers to refine purchase, processing, collection, and put-back strategies.

Bankruptcy Valuation Report

A summary level report estimating the portfolio return (unsecured payback percentage)

  • By Region, by Filing Month/Year
  • Plan Debt Profile
  • Payment timing
  • Plan Amounts and Length
  • Industry Metrics

Bankruptcy Asset Reports

LCI provides two bankruptcy asset reports:

  • A summary valuation report which includes a portfolio summary and the account distribution by chapter and status, filing year, and state.
  • A record level report providing detailed bankruptcy claim and payment data