Bankruptcy Buyers and Servicers

Bankruptcy buyers' and servicers' cash flow is constrained by both the nature of bankruptcy recoveries and the demands/availability of cash investments. Likewise, lawsuits and judgments are on the rise. The burgeoning number of bankruptcies and the falling values means the bankruptcy buyer needs to be acutely aware of the valuation of their portfolio and of potential additions or sales of accounts.

LCI offers the world's best bankruptcy process automation data, software and services that automate expensive processes in the bankruptcy lifecycle. Implementing with LCI minimizes personnel/servicing costs and compliance risks, while ensuring timely action and maximum recovery.

LCI's Bankruptcy Process Management (BPM) solution starts with the industry's highest quality, most up-to-date, national bankruptcy database. With the Bankruptcy Notification Service (BNS), flexible, customizable technologies provide the most accurate and complete notification solution to increase process efficiencies, reduce exception processing, and lower operational cost. Legal exposure caused by inaccurate data or matching technologies is minimized.

LCI's Case Monitoring Service (CMS) provides a complementary solution to identify additional user-definable bankruptcy case events and automatically download associated documents, allowing Buyers to quickly react when events necessitate further action.

Document filing through LCI's Electronic Filing Service (EFS), allowing quick and cost-effective automated filing of documents, further decreasing operational cost.

Recoveries can be maximized through LCI's Portfolio Valuation Service (PVS). PVS provides in-depth analysis of account and portfolio value and payment monitoring of chapter 13 disbursements.

LCI's ProScores is a revolutionary scoring model that predicts the value of a bankrupt chapter 13 account at time-of-filing, allowing buyers to maximize the value of their purchase and refine put-back strategies.

LCI's full suite includes: