Credit Grantors

LCI offers a suite of Bankruptcy Management solutions and Expert Services for Credit Grantors who are either concerned by the total cost of scaling and servicing their exploding portfolio of bankruptcies, or are distressed by their falling value.

Creditors have a tremendous amount at stake when managing their bankruptcy accounts. False positives risk customer loyalty and impact revenue while increasing customer service and dispute resolution expenses. Likewise, a missed or late notification exposes legal risk as well as credit, loan and merchandise losses. Manual filing and case monitoring results in inefficient, costly, error prone, and potentially legally improper efforts. Finally, a lack of valuation of bankrupt accounts means creditors have no way of knowing if they are maximizing their recoveries.

LCI solutions allow Credit Grantors to cut costs, lower legal risks, and ensure compliance while improving quality and customer experience and increasing debt recoveries.

LCI employs best practices to maximize the value of bankruptcy portfolios, a non-core, but significant debt exposure. Our solutions scale seamlessly with variable bankruptcy volumes.

LCI solutions are built upon the most robust set of data in the industry as a result of our 20 year relationship with Visa as their exclusive Global Risk Management BPM vendor.

LCI's full suite includes: