Bankruptcies are emotional, painful occurrences for consumers and businesses alike. For consumers, a bankruptcy is a painful and very personal loss, requiring exact, competent processes from creditors by federal law. For businesses, what once was hidden in a “bad debts” percentage now represents over $221 Billion of the $14 Trillion in US Consumer Debt. And bankruptcy portfolios are growing much faster than consumer debt as a whole. In an economic climate that challenges business' revenue and expense performance, exploding bankruptcy portfolios represent the worst possible outcome – reduced cash and increased, non-core operating costs.

LCI Solutions enable businesses, more than ever before, to predict, value, and recover from their bankruptcy portfolios in order to protect themselves – from weak recoveries, from high, non-core operational costs, and from lawsuits filed by consumers who have experienced bankruptcy stay violations. Automation is becoming critical for any business with significant portfolios of consumer bankruptcies. LCI solutions remove the too-manual processes and case monitoring “misses” that punish the bottom line.

LCI has a wide range of industry leading solution sets for: