Bankruptcy Management Tools

Day-to-day bankruptcy management requires collecting, analyzing, and cross-referencing information from many sources across complex sets of consumer data. Bankruptcy teams looking to optimize their operations need tools to offload and automate tedious “grunt work” to free up staff for more important, revenue-generating activities.

Automated Tools

Many organizations still rely on dedicated bankruptcy management teams to manually validate bankruptcy cases on PACER, search for new account-related docket entries, file required court documents across 94 districts, and reconcile ongoing trustee payments. For these organizations, a surge in bankruptcies means hiring, training, and managing more staff to scale manual processes.

LCI helps you streamline operations with automation tools to better manage collections, optimize existing staff time and expertise, and improve recoveries:


Founded the National Bankruptcy Research Center (NBKRC)


Developed the industry’s only bankruptcy management portal


Enables you to adapt to fluctuating bankruptcy volumes without adding staff

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