Automated Court Document Filing

Compliant management of bankruptcies requires timely filing of specific court documents. Miss filing the appropriate paperwork in the appropriate court by the appropriate date, and you miss your chance to collect, and in certain cases, run the risk of compliance violations. Missing a Bar Date could impact recoveries in a bankruptcy, and delayed filing of a Notice of Payment Change could lead to fines or sanctions.

A Complex Process

Filing court documents can be tedious and complicated, especially across 94 independent US court districts. Traditionally, the process is manual—bankruptcy teams fill out multi-page forms, collect supporting documentation, track down signatures, scan the document, then log in to the correct court and follow that court’s particular procedures to complete the filing. This process is both time consuming and error-prone, leading to objections and wasted resources.

Simplified Court Document Filing

LCI ensures efficient and accurate court document filing through a unified online portal with a connection into all 94 court districts. Creditor profiles can be saved to reduce the time needed to complete each document. Filing can be done directly through our intuitive online portal. Leverage secure court credential storage for each user, eliminating the need to log in to each court website separately. Specific court rules are managed automatically by LCI, reducing the need to keep up with new rules.

  • Log in to a single system to access all courts
  • Reduce labor expenses by creating and filing documents electronically, even linking directly to the court case to pull in debtor information
  • Easily attach backup documentation or have it automatically created for you from supporting data
  • Ensure timely management of sensitive documentation with workflow queues
  • Comply with court-mandated requirements, such as wet signatures, by following built-in rules specific to each court

Meet All Filing Deadlines

  • Electronic Filing of Court Documents

    Electronic Filing of Court Documents

    Automatically generate and file proof of claim (POC), payment change notice (PCN), and other court documents through a single interface for all 94 court districts.

  • Efficient Workflow Queues with Escalation Tiers

    Efficient Workflow Queues with Escalation Tiers

    Manage roles, electronic case filing (ECF) logins, and queues for both standard and web signature approvals from a simple online portal with integrated online case search and real-time dashboard. Automatically identify and quickly respond to cases that need immediate attention.

  • Data Validation

    Data Validation

    File claims with confidence knowing data integrity, accuracy, and completeness is ensured—all data is cross-checked against the most complete bankruptcy database in the industry.

  • Automated Certificate of Service Mailing

    Automated Certificate of Service Mailing

    Meet requirements to mail notifications to debtors, debtor attorneys, and Chapter 13 trustees.

  • Rules Engine

    Rules Engine

    Comply with local court, trustee, and client rules. Our bankruptcy analysts and legal team ensure the built-in rules engine is up-to-date to ensure broad compliance.

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