Finding and monitoring bankruptcy cases across 94 US court districts is a notoriously slow and expensive process. Most bankruptcy management teams use PACER—Public Access to Court Electronic Records—a government website providing access to information and case filing for federal court records.

The PACER Problem

Bankruptcy teams that rely on PACER typically use a single credential to log in to the website, regardless of the number of users. Organizations waste from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars monthly downloading the same case information across different departments—and getting charged by PACER each time. Cost allocation becomes nearly impossible.

Some bankruptcy teams have abandoned PACER for third-party solutions, receiving incomplete and delayed court docket data. Teams must then refresh or “hot-update” out-of-date data and retrieve documents (easily found in our solution)—all while increasing costs and time to manage the bankrupt account.

Interacting with PACER is a major challenge:

  • Many bankruptcy teams use a single PACER credential across an entire team
  • In most cases, only one case can be viewed at a time
  • PACER’s cost structure re-charges you for previously accessed data and documents
  • Filing documents require credentials in each court jurisdiction

PACER Replacement

LCI’s powerful Bankruptcy Case Search module is a PACER replacement providing full access into LCI’s proprietary bankruptcy database, which is updated nightly with complete docket event information from all 94 US court districts. Each user receives individual credentials for easy reporting and cost allocation, and the cost structure eliminates duplicative charges. With an extensive user base and community-based pricing model, users can view documents downloaded by other users at a reduced rate, and never pay for the same data twice.

  • The only solution on the market to update every bankruptcy case and docket event every day
  • Fast, simple, and more efficient than PACER
  • Intuitive and easy to learn—10 minutes of training or less
  • Saves 35-50% over PACER fees, even more when bundled with other products

Easily Access All Court Data

  • Unique User Credentials

    Unique User Credentials

    Assign each staff member unique credentials, allowing management to track system usage by user, pre-define download restrictions to control costs, and allocate costs to different departments based on usage.

  • Intuitive Layout

    Intuitive Layout

    Streamline your recovery team’s bankruptcy process workflow. Bankruptcy operations analysts and UI design experts architected LCI’s online platform to maximize efficiency and review case information with minimal training.

  • Automated Document Storage

    Automated Document Storage

    Retrieve, print, or save documents to your local system anytime. Documents are automatically stored in LCI’s database with the associated case for future review, eliminating duplicate charges.

  • Near Real-time Case Information

    Near Real-time Case Information

    View case details and dockets updated nightly, with real-time intraday refreshes available on-demand.

  • Full Social Security Number (SSN)

    Full Social Security Number (SSN)

    LCI uniquely appends SSNs to nearly 100% of all bankruptcy cases, enabling searches on additional criteria not typically available with other third-party PACER aggregators.

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