Timely management of bankruptcy events is essential to mitigate risk and maximize recoveries. Too often, bankruptcy teams get bogged down in PACER—attempting to identify key events and scrambling to file documents and make time-sensitive decisions.

Process Complexities

Identifying when an accountholder files is just the first step in managing the complex and unforgiving rules of bankruptcy. Following the notification, bankruptcy teams can be stuck searching through the “noise” of unrelated dockets or not having a clearly defined workflow to manage specific events. Using workflow queues to efficiently respond to relevant docket events is the key to streamlining bankruptcy department operations.

Optimized Bankruptcy Management Processes

To maximize efficiency and recoveries, your bankruptcy team needs to be given the information they require while filtering out unnecessary data. Docket Event Workflow separates docket events into pre-determined workflows for staff to review within an organization.

LCI’s workflow-driven docket event queues protect the value of your secured assets by ensuring you never miss a bankruptcy:

  • Automate more than 90% of your bankruptcy dockets
  • Eliminate manual review of irrelevant docket events
  • Avoid heavy fines and legal action
  • Ensure you never miss a court-required action

Streamlined Docket Event Response

  • Integrated Online Portal

    Integrated Online Portal

    Leverage LCI’s powerful and intuitive online platform for docket queuing and workflow management.

  • Customizable Workflow Queues

    Customizable Workflow Queues

    Enable bankruptcy teams to route workloads and focus each team member on specific, relevant, and actionable tasks.

  • Proactive Monitoring and Automated Decisioning

    Proactive Monitoring and Automated Decisioning

    Automate decisioning of specific docket events using pre-defined rules to select relevant docket types and discard irrelevant dockets, reducing manual review and eliminating PACER charges.

  • Actionable Data

    Actionable Data

    Receive and immediately act upon intuitive data. LCI uniquely categorizes every docket line from every bankruptcy case nightly, providing proactive and intuitive data for immediate action by operational staff. As court terminology frequently changes, our bankruptcy analysts and legal team continually update our docket events so they are accurate, easily understandable, and actionable.

  • PACER Replacement

    PACER Replacement

    Save significant bankruptcy team hours and duplicative PACER expenses by using LCI’s streamlined Bankruptcy Case Search.

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