Sometimes in-house bankruptcy teams need help with a single component of the bankruptcy management process or with one-time projects. Outsourcing critical activities and projects can dramatically increase the team’s efficiency and ability to execute on core tasks.

Special Projects

Organizations looking to leverage 30+ years of bankruptcy expertise, or just in need of some extra help for specialty services, can turn to LCI for assistance in bankruptcy management, analytics, and document filing.

  • Did you just onboard a new portfolio and need to know if any of the accounts are bankrupt?
  • Do you need to transfer a large group of claims?
  • Do you need help understanding the potential cash flow on a bankrupt portfolio?

Our experienced servicing team is backed by the most extensive data and efficient tools available to manage each bankrupt account. We are here to help you with your one-time and customized bankruptcy project needs.

Fine Tune Your Bankruptcy Team

  • Portfolio Analysis

    Portfolio Analysis

    Understand the correct status and value of bankrupt accounts during pre-acquisition due diligence or for existing portfolio management strategies.

  • Trustee Ledger Balancing

    Trustee Ledger Balancing

    Ensure balances match between your system of record and the trustee.

  • Court Document Filing

    Court Document Filing

    Meet deadlines and comply with court-mandated requirements while reducing labor expenses associated with filing court documents.

  • Transfer of Claim Filing

    Transfer of Claim Filing

    Efficiently convey ownership of bankrupt claims in order to start receiving trustee payments and bankruptcy notices immediately.

  • Ad Hoc Projects

    Ad Hoc Projects

    Lean on LCI’s expertise to scope, develop, and implement strategic bankruptcy recovery and monetization initiatives.

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