Full-service Bankruptcy Management

Managing bankruptcies in-house requires extensive resources, including dedicated teams with budget for hard costs like PACER and trustee data. Many organizations then deprioritize bankrupt accounts and sometimes treat them as a complete loss, especially when the debt is unsecured. The logic is that if close to 50% of bankruptcies dismiss, then half of the effort put in to managing them goes to waste.

A Better Way

By outsourcing some or all of your bankruptcy management processes, you can turn a fixed cost of managing bankruptcies into a variable, contingent-based cost and begin recovering dollars from accounts otherwise assumed lost.

Bankruptcy Portfolio Servicing

Default teams looking to maximize resources and recoveries can outsource some or all of their bankruptcy management processes to LCI. We can manage the lifecycle of your entire bankruptcy portfolio, especially helpful for organizations with constrained budgets or costly systems to maintain.

Our experienced servicing team is backed by the most extensive data and efficient tools available to manage each bankrupt account, allowing you to:

  • Offload all bankruptcy noticing, proof of claim management, court and trustee interaction, and payment management
  • Prepare for fluctuation in bankruptcy volumes without adding additional staff
  • Focus existing staff on revenue-generating and core business tasks
  • Convert fixed costs to variable costs with portfolio-specific, contingency fee pricing

Increase Recoveries with No Capital Outlay

  • Full-service Portfolio Monitoring

    Full-service Portfolio Monitoring

    Eliminate 50% of time wasted from managing cases that ultimately dismiss. LCI monitors nationwide docket events, files all necessary court documents, and tracks trustee payments. We maximize cash recovery—using docket event tools and trustee analyses—to identify dismissal re-filer and chapter 7 asset opportunities, eliminating wasted manual efforts.

  • Full-service Document Filing and Proof of Claim Management

    Full-service Document Filing and Proof of Claim Management

    Yield higher recoveries with accurate and complete proof of claim filing and low objection rate (<0.5%).

  • Dedicated Account Management

    Dedicated Account Management

    Receive tailored workflows that easily integrate with your existing ERP. Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff provide customized reporting on portfolio performance and cash flow expectations.

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