Portfolio Monitoring

Bankruptcies represent some of the most expensive and highest-risk accounts in a portfolio, especially if not managed properly. To minimize exposure of automatic stay violations and maximize recoveries, creditors need to be notified accurately and quickly when an accountholder files bankruptcy or a case disposition has changed.

Automated Monitoring

Avoid false positives and missed bankruptcies with automated daily notifications. Manually monitoring portfolios for bankruptcy filings and updates is expensive, and what’s worse is paying a vendor who misses bankruptcies or provides inaccurate results.

LCI’s proven best-in-class data and tools help you identify all bankrupt, active duty military, and deceased account holders, and allow you to increase recoveries from those accounts while eliminating manual reviews. In addition to eliminating paper mail, LCI consolidates your Bankruptcy Noticing Center (BNC) notifications into a single data feed:

  • Accurately identify all bankruptcies
  • Reduce or reallocate FTEs from manual processes
  • Stay in compliance and avoid fines
  • Ensure you don’t miss a court-required action
  • Increase revenue and profit by eliminating false positives


Developed and patented the first Chapter 13 portfolio valuation model


Established the first ever electronic Bankruptcy Notification Service in 1993


Enhances your compliance to reduce legal and brand risk

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