Active Duty Military Search

The Service members Civil Relief Act (SCRA) protects active duty military personnel from certain collection actions, such as foreclosure, eviction, and repossession. SCRA entitles the service member to a 90-day stay of proceedings, with the court able to grant a further stay based on need. Creditors must remain in compliance or face potentially large penalties.

Automated SCRA Searches

In addition to bankruptcy, LCI can scrub your portfolio for active duty military status of your account holders prior to certain actions, or on a periodic basis. This enables you to adjust your processes and communications appropriately to comply with SCRA regulations. Each scrub provides key information for the account holder, such as assignment start and end dates.

  • Eliminate labor costs associated with manual lookups
  • Eliminate legal ramifications associated with violating the SCRA
  • Integrate with other LCI scrub solutions (bankruptcy and deceased)
  • Increase auditability through a systematic approach that tracks details and can capture screenshots of the search

Stay in Compliance

  • Automated Verification

    Automated Verification

    Receive time-stamped screenshot for verification of a consumer’s active duty military service status.

  • Portfolio Scrubs

    Portfolio Scrubs

    Process portfolios of any size with our scalable batch solutions.

  • Real-time Web Service

    Real-time Web Service

    Receive real-time notification via API of an accountholder’s active duty status.

  • Tailored Intervals

    Tailored Intervals

    Choose to monitor and scrub your portfolio daily, weekly, or monthly.

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