Bankruptcy Docket Event Monitoring

Missing critical bankruptcy events can lead to missing court-required actions. Finding a handful of relevant proceedings in a sea of docket entries—especially across 94 court jurisdictions—is a time-consuming, error-prone, and expensive process. Typically, more than 80% of dockets are irrelevant to most accounts. Reviewing irrelevant results distracts bankruptcy staff, wastes time and effort, and may result in missing critical entries and events.

Technology-driven Docket Event Monitoring

To increase productivity and ensure compliance for each unique bankruptcy case, switch from manually checking PACER to a technology-driven approach. LCI delivers daily organized reports containing precise and actionable docket events related to each account. Bankruptcy teams can leverage our sophisticated, configurable, workflow technology that integrates with internal systems, while easily accessing a link into our cost-effective PACER replacement. For creditors looking to enhance and optimize their bankruptcy management workflow and strategy, we provide an efficient way to precisely identify key events in a bankruptcy:

  • Select from nearly 700 precise and actionable events
  • Automatically receive relevant docket events daily for processing or review
  • Eliminate reviewing irrelevant docket events while increasing focus and time spent on actionable dockets
  • Reduce FTE workload by 80% or more
  • Integrate into major servicing systems

Never Miss a Court-required Action

  • Daily Monitoring

    Daily Monitoring

    Receive daily docket event updates available from every case, every day.

  • Event Algorithms Created with Legal Review

    Event Algorithms Created with Legal Review

    Confidently review and work with events identified by algorithms that have each gone through an extensive legal review.

  • Creditor Name Monitoring

    Creditor Name Monitoring

    Filter out events that are not relevant to your business with alias monitoring. Enable FTEs to only review events that require them to take action.

  • Precise and Actionable Information

    Precise and Actionable Information

    Avoid missing court-required actions with precise and actionable information.

  • PACER Relief

    PACER Relief

    Relieve your team from constantly checking PACER. Save time and PACER costs.

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