Deceased Notifications

Timely identification of when an accountholder passes away is essential to putting the account into an appropriate probate queue. Relying solely on notification from the Social Security Administration (SSA) can result in delayed notification.  Creditors need the ability to automate notifications and include data not captured by the SSA.

Automated Deceased Notification

Leveraging our enhanced deceased database, LCI notifies you of a debtor’s death, enabling you to walk the line of staying in legal compliance to collect debts while respecting the grieving family. Our proprietary matching algorithms ensure highest-confidence matches to our database, which includes supplemental data sources in addition to the SSA.

  • Consolidate portfolio monitoring efforts with other solutions (i.e. bankruptcy and SCRA)
  • Comply with probate and deceased-related regulations
  • Reduce time to be notified of a deceased accountholder

Never Miss a Death Notice

  • Enhanced Deceased Database

    Enhanced Deceased Database

    LCI is an authorized recipient of the SSA Death Master File (95+ million records), which we augment with obituary and credit bureau data.

  • Consolidated Monitoring

    Consolidated Monitoring

    Leverage a single input file and portfolio for multiple data scrubs.

  • Timely Notifications

    Timely Notifications

    Receive automatic notification of the death of an accountholder

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