Webinar Recording

Bankruptcy Portfolio Management: In-source, Outsource, or Sell in Q4?

Government stimulus delayed the spike in COVID-related consumer bankruptcies, but make no mistake—filings will go up in 2021. The questions creditors and lenders need to answer are, “How can I prepare, and what is the best, most cost-effective way to handle the spike?”

In this practical, how-to webinar, LCI breaks down the economics of managing bankruptcies across three different options: 1) using a dedicated, in-house team, 2) outsourcing some or all bankruptcy tasks, 3) selling your portfolio of bankrupt accounts to a debt buyer.

Download the presentation deck here.


This session covers:

  • The pros, cons, and economics of in-sourcing vs outsourcing bankruptcy management
  • When to consider selling your portfolio of bankrupt accounts
  • Why Q4 2020 is a critical point in time and how to evaluate the best path for your organization