Webinar Recording

How to Optimize Bankruptcy Claims to
Maximize Recoveries

For creditors, bankruptcy Proof of Claim (POC) filing is core to debt recoverybut it’s a pain! Between filing paperwork across 94 court districtsmissed Bar Dates, and debtor objections, the POC process can drain resourcesand sometimes seem not worth the effortThese and other POC-related problems stem from outdated bankruptcy management processes. 

In this session, leading bankruptcy management experts will clearly outline the path to move from inefficiency to optimization using the latest bankruptcy management tools and technologies. 

This session will help you: 

  • Understand the four stages of bankruptcy management 
  • Avoid POC pitfalls associated with legacy systems 
  • Revamp your POC processes to maximize recoveries 
  • Scale your team to address fluctuating bankruptcy volumes

Duration: 25 minutes